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Thug is a new street dedicated frame from DartBMX. Strong and tough ghetto warrior designed especially for those of you who like the urban playground. Its responsive geometry was created to help you maintain proper balance with manuals and make the rotations easier. The frame is made of Sanko 100% Cr-Mo 4130 multi butted tubes. It comes with strong dropouts which will survive heavy grinding, laser cut gussets, CNC machined BB tube, built-in chain tensioners, removable pivots, cable hanger and gyro tabs. Thug was inspired by ideas from our riders. Alin Moldovan helped to create the street machine that you've always wanted. Łukasz Wysokiński was also involved in the process of heavy duty testing.

  • Material: 100% Sanko Cr-Mo 4130, butted TT, DT and ST
  • Heat-treatment: dropouts, BB and HT
  • TT length: 20.7”, 20.9”
  • CS length: 13”-13.65”
  • HT angle: 75.5°
  • ST angle: 70°
  • BB height: 11.5”
  • Standover: 8.8” (from center of BB to center of TT)
  • ST height: 10” (from center of BB to top of ST)
  • Headset type: integrated (45/45 Campy spec.)
  • Gusset: two external gussets
  • BB: Spanish 68mm
  • Seat clamp: integrated
  • Dropouts: 6mm thick, 14mm size, built-in chain tensioners
  • Weight: 2.26kg / 4.98lbs. (20.7”)
  • Available spare parts: seat clamp bolt, gyro tabs, pivots, chain tensioners bolts


matt black, clear coated raw

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