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dartmoor funky

dartmoor funky
dartmoor funky dartmoor funky dartmoor funky

One of the lightest gravity stems. Custom body shape with 2-pcs frontplate design. Made of cold forged and CNC machined alu 6061. All bolts in M6 size. For 2010 the frontplate design was slightly modified. There is more material around the bolts now but it is still necessary not to overtighten them to avoid frontplate breaking.

Beloved by most of our team riders.

Extension: 35mm (25.4 mm), 40mm (31.8mm).
Angle: 0deg. Weight: 150g (25.4 mm), 178g (
Pe comanda : Colors: black anod., blue anod.,  violet anod.,  orange anod.,  gold anod.

Bar : 25.4mm (disponibil - white), 31.8mm (disponibil - red anod).

Pret: 195 lei

In stoc?: nu